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About Us

Creative Solutions

Presica ™ (1349891-V) is an agronomy service provider that supports the sustainable and profitable farming system in Malaysia. Presica ’s agronomic services help the farmers to prepare themselves with precise agronomic knowledge in facing farming challenges.

Presica was formerly known as LS Agro has provides the most competence agronomists with the most outstanding inventive approach in agriculture. Presica agronomists have developed precise and systematic agronomic program, and today a new precise program is developed for each crop in Malaysia. Presica is based in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Our Agronomists

Our highly skilled agronomist has a strong connection with farmers.

Our Farmers

We have worked with 55% of farmers in Malaysia with total planted crop productions in Malaysia which almost 7 million hectares.

Our Events 

We created every event with own dynamics to help our farmers to achieve the highest yield at low production costs.


We are committed to develop new method and approach to suit with farmers requirement.

The Agronomist MY 
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