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Precision Agronomy 

​PRESICA ™ gives consulting services to helps customers at various stages of crop production activities.


The nature of the business of PRESICA ™ is a combination of agronomic services and strategic advice which were supported by innovating and excellence research development that specifically customized for each farmer.


The management-consulting services of PRESICA can be classified as follows:

  • Giving evidence-based agronomic recommendations that specifically customized based on individual farmers. The service will cover soil preparation until marketing.

  • Client education (seminars, training, etc.)


Our goal is to enhance the farmer's and the company's knowledge of agriculture to boost their scientific-based practices to increase their productivity. We will fully utilize scientific research done by researchers all over the world and deliver that knowledge in the most understandable way to farmers and companies.


With the right and proper science-based knowledge, the risk in plantation and agriculture business can be minimized which will no doubt, increase profit. 

Our Approach

  • Proper soil management system which will enhance and prolong the land usage and effectively planted any crop required. Nutrient uptake will also be enhanced and will reduce the usage of fertilizer. reducing the amount of use will reduce the cost bare by the farmers. Improper soil management will decrease plant productivity and will also decrease agricultural produce by the farmers. We will specifically develop a proper soil management program based on each individual producer. 

  • An individual fertilizer program will be developed to each farmer with this program, they can adequately plan a proper fertilizer management system that include the time of purchase, stock availability, amount of fertilizer required, time of application, method of application and types of fertilizer needed. 

  • Farm management includes the pre and post-harvesting action plan, marketing of agricultural produce, labor-management and targeted harvesting period which will help the farmers to plan ahead the whole planting and marketing program. 

  • For companies, they will have an in-depth view on entering the agricultural market which they will have a solid data to plan for their whole supply-chain system on the agricultural products.

Precision Agronomy Package

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